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Newton-Conover Middle School Adopts New Dress Code for 2019-20

This school year, Newton-Conover Middle School will operate under a new “Dress Code.” Students will no longer be required to wear what stakeholders in the past have referenced as a “uniform.” Instead, just as our elementary and high school students’ dress is governed by a dress code and not by a uniform, so N-CMS will now be. It is believed that by extending the same level of trust to students at N-CMS that is shown to all other students in N-CCS, our students will no longer feel singled out among the rest of our district and surrounding communities.

At Newton-Conover Middle School, our staff values and acknowledges that students are individuals that have their own personal social, emotional, physical, and educational needs. Our diverse community is one of many aspects that truly makes us a unique and special place. Moving away from the previous in place “Uniform Dress Code” is one way that we have identified that will allow N-CMS students, staff, and community to embrace diversity. For more information download the attached letter.

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