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N-CCS Recognizes Dr. Amanda Worley Assistant Principal Conover School

October is National Principals' Appreciation Month. Here in the Newton-Conover City Schools, we are fortunate to have fantastic principals leading our staff and students each day. We are also blessed to have strong Instructional Coaches and Assistant Principals helping to lead the charge to make sure our campuses are safe, nurturing places where students are able to learn to their greatest potential. All of our building-level leaders are true servant-leaders who understand that their role is to attend to the needs of a variety of stakeholders on a daily basis. During this month in honor of what we are calling "Admin Appreciation Month", our school system wants to honor these folks and shine a spotlight on them to let them know how much we appreciate them as professionals and as people. Please join us in honoring these folks for the difficult work they do!!!! Today, Dr. Gabriel and N-CCS recognizes Dr. Amanda Worley.
Dr. Worley serves as Assistant Principal at Conover School. She also has served as Assistant EC Director for Newton-Conover City Schools. Dr. Worley has a wealth of knowledge in serving students with a variety of needs. She leads professional development on a variety of topics for staff. She also provides valuable behavioral support to elementary staff. She is an asset to our school system and community.
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