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Newton-Conover City Schools
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The Newton-Conover City Schools Board of Education (“Board of Education” or “Owner”) has approved design-work related to additions and renovations at Newton-Conover High School located at 338 West 15th Street Newton, NC, 28658 (“Project”). 

The Board of Education is hereby soliciting responses from capable and experienced architectural/engineering firms.  It is incumbent upon the Architect to form a team that fully addresses the needs and requirements of the Owner.  Design services will be procured through a qualification-based selection process, without regard to fee, in accordance with G.S. 143-64.31, G.S. 143.64.32 and G.S. 115C-521. 

Scope of Work: Provide design and engineering services, including but not limited to, professional architectural, engineering, consulting and site/civil services for additions and renovations at Newton-Conover High School, the scope of which is still to be determined based on the Project budget and approval by the Board of Education.  Total project budget is estimated at approximately $20,000,000

In selecting a designer, the selection committee will consider qualification factors including:

  1. Specialized or appropriate expertise in this type of school project
  2. Past performance on similar projects
  3. Adequate staffing and proposed design or consultant team for the Project
  4. Current workload and previous State projects awarded 
  5. Proposed design approach for the Project including design team and consultants
  6. Recent experience and project costs and schedules
  7. Construction administration capabilities
  8. Familiarity with the location of where the Project’s construction will occur
  9. Record success in completing similar projects without legal or technical problems, within budget and on schedule
  10. Other factors that may be appropriate for the Project

The deadline for receipt of responses to this RFQ is April 12, 2021 at 12:00 pm.  A short list of firms will be determined and the Board may choose to interview the select design teams with a selection being made on or around May 18, 2021.

The response shall contain no less than the following:

  • Provide 3 sets of submittals in an 8½” x 11” hardcopy format, not to exceed 15 sheets, double- or single-sided; and 1 electronic submittal, on flash drive.
  • A letter of interest and statement summarizing the entire team’s composition, interest, qualifications and experience, and special qualifications for this type of work.
  • A listing of specific team members, their respective positions in their firm and role in performance of the design and administration work anticipated to be shown in an organization flow chart.  The lead designer for each specialty must be clearly identified.
  • A listing of similar types of work performed by your firm with client references.
  • NC Licensing Statement for everyone on the design team
  • Photographs, graphic illustrations and reports from similar work and projects.
  • Experience working with a Commissioning Agent to verify design, functionality and efficiency of the project.
  • Experience achieving LEED, Energy Star, CHIPs or other certification programs documenting energy efficiency, IAQ and environmentally responsible design, construction and operation.
  • Experience and efficiency working with AHJ’s, NCDPI, NCDOT and other entities normally involved in the development of standards and in the design and review process for school construction.

Professional services for each team will be rendered using a modified Newton-Conover City Schools architect/owner contract, a copy of which is attached below.  All questions, inquiries and submittals shall be made only to:

Allen Kirby

Construction Manager

Newton-Conover City Schools

605 North Ashe Avenue

Newton, NC  28658

Phone: 828-217-2123


Under no circumstances shall contacts be made with other Newton-Conover City Schools personnel or members of the Newton-Conover City Schools Board of Education regarding this Request for Qualifications and selection process.  Based upon interviews, a firm and alternate will be named followed by negotiations for a service fee.  If an Agreement with the named firm cannot be completed, negotiations with the alternate shall commence.

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