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Navigate in Newton-Conover

What is Navigate?


Today’s learners are vastly different than learners in the past. Their instant access to information has given them the ability to learn anywhere at any time. They’ve grown accustomed to having answers at their fingertips and expect real world applications for the material they’re learning. With an attention span of approximately 8 seconds, it is important that we find ways to not simply engage, but also empower them as they begin to explore what and how they would like to learn.

Newton-Conover City Schools has adopted a Digital Convergence Initiative designed to assist our region’s schools in making the fundamental change needed to meet the needs of today’s learners. We refer to this initiative as Navigate. We are transforming our professional development delivery system to a more personalized approach that incorporates a blended learning model and flexible learning spaces.


We call this initiative NAVIGATE, as we want to create learning structures, environments, and procedures that result in personalized opportunities for learning that allow students to take ownership of Navigating their educational path.


Learn more about Navigate in our 2019 State of Navigate Annual Report.

Instructional Expectations

The most important foundational element of creating a high-functioning modern learning environment for students is to establish a positive, collaborative, student-centered classroom culture.  In Newton-Conover City Schools, we establish classroom culture through the following shared instructional expectations for all classrooms.

Each of these expectations has clear alignment to the Rubric for Evaluating North Carolina Teachers.  That alignment can be found in this document.