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Beginning Teacher Support

Beginning Teacher Support  in Newton-Conover City Schools
Newton-Conover City Schools provides a variety of supports and incentives for beginning teachers.  First year teachers receive a stipend of $1000 their first year of service.  They also receive $500 their second year of service. 
BT Boot Camp:  Beginning Teachers experience five full days of summer support from the NCCS Curriculum Team and Human Resources Team.  Teachers receive a stipend for these five days.
Flipped Retreat:  For teachers who were hired after our Boot Camp, we provide a flipped option so that teachers have information they need at their access when they need it.  
District-Level Mentors:  We are proud in Newton-Conover that we have experienced master teachers on staff that serve as mentors to our beginning teachers.  Because our mentors are retired, they are able to meet with BTs as needed, observe their classes, and provide differentiated, individual support. District-level mentors are Brenda Harbinson, Secondary, and Debbie Saunders, Elementary.
School-Level Mentors:  In addition to our district-level mentors, we also have school-level mentors.  These teachers meet the North Carolina definition of "Accomplished Teacher" through their performance on their evaluations and by achieving student growth.  School-level mentors provide an additional layer of support to our teachers in their first three years.  
Monthly Meetings for BTs:  All first year beginning teachers attend monthly meetings with the curriculum team and beginning teacher support staff.  These meetings are designed around BT needs and district initiatives.   Some months, team building or a social event takes the place of a formal meeting.