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Newton-Conover City Schools
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South Newton Staff
N-CHS Superfans

Credit: Lingle Photos

Cangemi at Conover
Soles for Souls
N-CMS Basketball Team
N-CHS Graduation 2017
Amber at South
South Newton Osmo
South Leader Circle
Blended Learning Team
Students working on a project
Blue Ribbon Awards
Student art project
Red Blazer Awards
Audra Smith Bus
TOY 2017-18 McCrary
N-CMS Canoe Team
DHS Bash Tent
TOYs 2017-18 Goofy
N-CMS Schools to Watch Team
Digital Learning Facilitators
Carmen Duran
N-CHS Graduation Ceremony
N-CHS Graduation 2017
The Sigmon Family
N-CHS Cheerleading

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N-CCS Back to School Bash
N-CMS Media Center Team Activity
Shuford Elementary School
N-CHS Science Olympiad
N-CMS Peer Support
North Newton Staff
Newton-Conover Middle
Conover School Dancing
Jenn Riddle Shuford
DHS Graduation Balis
N-CMS Beth Amerto
National Board Teachers
International Fair at North Newton
South Digital Learning
2017 International Festival
South Newton Elementary
N-CHS Band

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South Newton Meeting
North Newton Elementary
South Leadership Day
Conover Kyle Hayman
South Instructional Technology
N-CCS Red Blazer
Conover Graduation 2017
Shuford Elementary Staff
N-CMS Teacher of the  Year Kelly Cannon
Heather Reynolds and Husband
South Newton Leader in Me Team
Humphrey South Leaders
N-CHS Graduation Families
N-CHS Soccer Team
Teachers of the Year 2017-18
N-CCS Staff Opening
Principal and AP of the Year 2017-18
Shuford Blended Learning
N-CMS Math Students
N-CHS Football

Credit: Lingle Photos

Botero at North
N-CHS Students Graduation
N-CHS Athletic Boosters
Conover School Staff
N-CMS Tennis Player
South Newton Letterland
DHS Graduation Abernethy
Caroline N-CCS TOY
N-CCS Bash Backpacks
N-CMS Media Center
N-CMS Schools to Watch Team
N-CMS TOY Banquet
Shuford Grade Levels
N-CHS Wrestling Team
N-CHS Graduation 2017

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N-CMS Math Team
N-CHS Golf Team
DHS Gryphon
Student Loading Bus
Shuford Osmo Kindergarten
N-CMS Little REDs Talk Winners
Shuford students sitting
Yoselin N-CHS Graduation
McCrary Teaching Biology

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Shuford Playground Fun
South Newton Playground
N-CMS Staff Photo
N-CHS Graduation 2017
Fletcher Cromer, Spelling Bee Winner
Shuford Kids
Caroline McCrary, N-CHS Teacher of the Year
N-CCS Beginning Teachers
N-CHS Band at NIHS
Girls Can Code
N-CCS Bash Families
N-CHS Swim Team
Miss Y North
DHS Graduate Family
Conover teacher and student
Class at North
N-CMS Gravity Games
Breakout Boxes at Shuford Elementary

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NC ENSI Testing (Elementary)
Date: 5/24/2018
Discovery High School Awards Day
Date: 5/24/2018, 9:30 AM 10:30 AM
Location: Gym
Elementary to Middle School Transition Meetings
Date: 5/24/2018, 3 PM 5 PM
Location: Newton-Conover Middle School, 873 Northern Dr NW, Conover, NC 28613, USA
Shuford PTO Meeting
Date: 5/24/2018, 5:30 PM 6:30 PM
Location: Shuford Media Center
Spring Band Concert
Date: 5/24/2018, 7 PM 8 PM
Location: NCHS gym
Newton Conover Statistics