National Boards

National Board Certification Process

The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished teaching across four components:

  • Content Knowledge

  • Differentiation in Instruction

  • Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment

  • Effective and Reflective Practitioner


Certification Expenses

Initial Candidate Cost for:



1 Component


2 Components


3 Components


4 Components


Maintenance of Certification Candidate Cost for:





Financial Assistance

National Board Certification Funding

State Loan

The 3% interest loan is repaid over four years. Repayment is not required for the initial 12 months, which is an interest-free time period. Monthly payments are made for three years following this interest-free period.

This loan ($1,900) can only be used by first-time candidates who are paid from state funds and will pay for all four components. This loan cannot be used for renewal and retake candidates or borrowed in increments.

Apply Now

Lilian Jones Scholarship

The Frank and Lilian Jones Scholarship Fund has been established through an endowment with the purpose of providing scholarships to deserving teachers.

Notification of Applying will be sent via email during the acceptance window.


North Carolina Specific Incentives

Compensation for Board Certification

In North Carolina, NBCTs move to a new salary schedule upon achieving National Board Certification, resulting in a 12 percent salary increase.

North Carolina provides every eligible initial candidate three days of paid professional leave to work on certification.

*Eligibility criteria is defined as any:

  • new, initial candidate,

  • who is paid from state funds,

  • holding a clear teacher license.

Connection to State Licensure

The state grants full licensure renewal to all teachers completing the National Board Certification process, regardless of achievement.

Educational Credits

Upon completion of the certification process, teachers in the 10-year National Board renewal cycle will earn two credits (one for content and one for literacy.

Universities frequently provide graduate credit to teachers pursuing National Board Certification. Check with your local university to see if graduate credit is possible.

Leadership Opportunities

Board certification can enable teachers to take on leadership roles—such as mentoring, leading professional development efforts, and advocating for policy changes—that allow them to advance their careers while staying in the classroom.

Step 1

First steps to becoming Board Certified

  • Eligibility & Application

  • Know Important Dates

  • Understand Fees

  • Register

Step 2

Select & Purchase

Becoming a Candidate

Step 3

Submit Work

Submit portfolio entries & take the assessment.

National Board HOMEROOM

A hub of sequenced resources designed to help you navigate your Board certification journey, whether you are just starting or have already completed components. You will see suggested timelines that will help you manage your time throughout your process.

23-24 Dates

District Coordinator

Cayley Rozzelle

📞 (828) 464-1973