N-CCS Red Blazer Award Winners

Newton-Conover City Schools began awarding the Red Blazer in 2012 to “Honor those who have committed themselves to the Newton-Conover City School System.” Our district has been extremely fortunate over the years to have both district employees and community members who have been instrumental in the success of Newton-Conover City Schools. Nominees can be district employees or community members who have in some way impacted our school system. At its inception, the Red Blazer Award honors individuals who have provided a significant contribution over a long period of time---resulting in lasting improvement to the district. Past winners have included superintendents, coaches, and individuals who had engaged in a life-time of service to the Newton-Conover community. Each recipient is honored with a Red Blazer and a plaque to commemorate that contribution.

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Past Red Blazer Winners

Adrian L. Shuford Jr. 2012

Mary Catherine Shivers 2014

Jerome Ingle 2017

Dave Lingafelt 2021

Phairlever Pearson 2012

Jerry Willard 2014

Dr. Bill Inscoe 2017

Scott Coley 2021

Sherrill Cranford 2012

Beth Bock 2014

Lilian Jones 2018

Kim Lutz 2021

Patricia Gibson 2012

Maggie Daniels 2015

Jerry Phillips 2018

Tim Elrod 2022

Johnny Gabriel 2013

Bobby Rowe 2015

Deborah Bandy 2019

Don Greenlee 2022

Everette Simmons 2013

Mavis B. Hedrick 2015

Michael Dyson 2019

Mary Anne Greenlee 2022

Harvey Christensen

Don Patrick 2016

Melanie Elrod 2020

W. Stine Isenhour 2022

Bill Zimtbaum 2013

Kevin Campbell 2016

Joyce Wilson 2020

Peggy Smith 2023