Per state statute, each school board is required to make a decision regarding face coverings for students and staff each month. At the most recent board meeting, the N-CCS Board of Education voted to make face coverings  optional for students and staff beginning January 2022. There will be processes in place that are currently being developed to make sure that we are monitoring and providing safeguards for our students and staff. The N-CCS Board of Education will be monitoring our COVID numbers and will make a decision again (required per state statute) at the December 13 meeting to either amend or confirm the decision to make face coverings optional beginning January 2022. The reason the board wished to make the announcement early was to provide families ample time to get their children vaccinated if they so choose since the vaccines are now available down to age 5. 

FREE Newton-Conover City School  COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

December 10, From 12 to 5:30 PM, N-CCS Boardroom

All Three Vaccines, Get your 1st Dose, 2nd Dose or Booster

Ages 5 and Up