School Funding -apple

How it works - Schools receive their funding from the state, with additional funding for Grants and Title I schools based on the percentage of students that qualify for Free/Reduced Meal Benefits. 

Households that complete a Meal Benefits application each school year and are approved, help provide our schools with additional funding. These funds are truly needed to help ensure that Newton-Conover City Schools continues to provide the best education we can for our children. 

The more households qualify and are approved = the higher amount of funding received

What you can do to help - We have many familes that did not complete a Meal Benefits application thsi year, dropping our usual percentage rate from 67% to 49%. If your household may qualify, based on the income guidelines provided, and you have not completed an application for the current 21-22 school year, we ask that you take the time to complete an application as soon as possible.

Additional benefits that may be available to families once approved -

  • Dental and vision screenings
  • Potential discounted or free interent or cell service
  • ACT and SAT testing fees waives
  • Seniors applying for college may have application fees waived
  • For all students that are approved - meal benefits will caryy over for the first 30 days of the new school year, at which time a new application must be completed

Households can complete an application on line at or can download and print a paper application from the Child Nutrition Department webpage at 

Printed and completed applications can be returned to your child's school for processing.